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Finishing schools and etiquette training are for everyone. Elegance is defined as ‘the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.’ Therefore, an elegant woman can be defined as someone who carries herself with poise in a sophisticated and fashionable way. Modern elegance and etiquette, which is what “Refine Etiquette” teaches, is really about mastering interpersonal skills in any field that has human contact; and that everywhere! This skill is multi-tired and once mastered, becomes a major superpower that can be used to stack the deck in your favor.

This exclusive Finishing School is the avenue through which I directly mentor and teach women in a group setting to become the very-best-version of themselves at a personal and professional level.  In this community, I help women craft goals that are important to them, create the routines and systems that they need to achieve these goals and provide a level of accountability and regular reviews to ensure they are staying faithful to the commitments they’ve made.


  • Attending client meetings and knowing proper greetings and behavior or hosting your VIP clients with confidence, poise and grace.
  • Having a thorough understanding and actionable appreciation of your unique personal style and strategic dressing of your body.
  • Uncovering your current wardrobe’s hidden potential while discovering the skills and techniques to self-style
  • Always looking perfectly polished and put together without having to guess every time you get dressed?
  • Being constantly complimented on your manners and behaviour
  • You have transformed into an elegant lady and successfully elevated your lifestyle
  • Your life has improved holistically

It is my heartfelt desire to develop a tribe of purposeful women who are on a journey to hitting their goals and constantly evolving into a higher version of themselves.  Why don’t you go on this journey with me?

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