Hi, I’m Lilllian Njiru!

“Refined is a Self-Created Work of Art”

Who is Lillian…

As a consultant, coach, a change catalyst and a thought leader in the etiquette, executive presence and personal development niches in Kenya and Africa, my focus is on helping leaders, individuals and organisations to get unstuck and generally improve their quality of life succeeding through civility, etiquette and refinement in business, the workplace and socially. As a leader, your success is not based on your technical knowledge, skills, and individual performance anymore. Today, your leadership success is determined by your effective behaviours and positioning to influence desired outcomes. The aim of this site  is to introduce you to all my different multi-influential flows keeping one main question in mind: what is the main focus in your life right now and how can I help you?

With over 18 years of practice as Chief of Staff helping CEOs and C-Suite Executives achieve greatness. My Portfolio consists of various Corporates and Multinationals. With my model that I call “executing with finesse” which means in addition to intellect, bringing in gravitas, refinement and etiquette has been a major contributor to the overall success of her clients to leverage superior Etiquette, Refinement and Presence accelerating into CEO, C-Suite and board level positions. I hold a degree in Business Administration, and a CPD certified and accredited International etiquette coach, trained by the Luxury Academy, London, UK. 

I am multifaceted and to unwind, I enjoy working with her hands; creating custom jewellery pieces, making scented candles and gardening.